Matrix 2.0

As the latest INSPIRE polygons dataset for England, Scotland and Wales has now been released under an Open Government Licence we are also able to include the actual polygons in the products you buy, listed below.

What you will notice is that our version of the latest INSPIRE polygons has been cleansed and updated to exclude irrelevant items such as tunnels and includes missing data such as leasehold properties. This work was painstakingly completed internally over the last 7 years.

After a long journey fighting for INSPIRE to be commercially useable Customers can be confident in the knowledge that all of the product sources are either from a variety of Open datasets, approved by the High Court and/or the Ordnance Survey and will be available in either a shape file and/or CSV format.

Matrix Product summary

  • Matrix Point - a single version of geocoded addresses. This has been expanded to include Northern Ireland within the same dataset.
  • Matrix Building - indicative building polygons at address level
  • Matrix Building Plus - indicative building polygons with attached floor space data per level (including basements where they are known).
  • Matrix with Polygons - full postcode unit map available for unlimited internal use as standard. Economic regions can be purchased separately as required.
  • Matrix - Polygons with Coordinates - 77m is the first to offer a high resolution seamless product covering both address and postcode spatial data within Great Britain.
  • Matrix Inspire - this a comprehensive Great Britain dataset that has a number of specific improvements which are defined as follows
  1. It is one combined dataset
  2. Overlapping and duplicate polygons have been virtually eliminated.
  3. We link the "cleansed" polygons to an address, something not provided by the HMLR or RoS, but required by almost all users.
  4. Infill building polygons have been created for both the HMLR and RoS data to improve on the national coverage of around 84% and 70% + respectively
  5. Whilst the updates are monthly for HMLR and quarterly for RoS, 77m will update monthly

For comparison purposes we have included a separate table for our products comparing the functionality and data attributes against the equivalent OS products, where they are available. We are also pleased to offer both competitive licenses and far more flexible terms than equivalent products Customers will note the considerable differences over what is currently offered in the market place.

In order for customers to review our products defined above, 77m Ltd is providing a free & unlimited view only “beta version” facility that users can access. The only stipulation is that you must agree our terms and conditions and register to use this facility. Please click here to register.

Finally, we are also pleased to announce that our data will be incorporated into the Teccarto Trek system produced by FlyingBinary. This geospatial service allows self service access to all of our data on both a view and download basis. The Teccarto Trek service is the latest in a number of Geospatial services from FlyingBinary which are accredited and secured to H.M. Government standards under the NCSC Cyber Essentials scheme. Teccarto Trek will be supplied under the commercial arrangements of the UK's Digital Marketplace and supplied under the G-Cloud framework arrangements.

Comparison Table

Attributes AddressBase AddressBase - Core AddressBase - Plus AddressBase - Premium Matrix - Point Comments for comparison purposes
UPRN Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes At April 2021 the number of UPRNs are 39,553,977
UDPRN Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Royal Mail Addresses Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Cleansed & reformated addresses - so address matching software is unnecessary
VOA hereditaments No No No No Yes
Additional addresses No No No No Yes
Additional Occupier data No No No No Yes
Simple classification Yes Yes No No n/a
Advanced classification No No Yes Yes Yes Superior classification system
Local authority current address No Yes Yes Yes No
Cross references with 3rd party sources No No Yes Yes Yes Currently available are 53 links and this will be expanded further
Alternate addresses No No No Yes Yes
Lifecycle/update data No No No Yes Yes Update monthly
Not Yet Built data No No No Yes Yes
Multi-Occupancy locations No No No Yes Yes
SoHo identifier No No No No Yes
Residential version No No No No Yes
Internal business use Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
External web site use No No No No Yes Additional fee per nominated web site
Derived business use No No No No Yes Subject to confirmation of use and agreed terms
Simple licensing No No No No Yes
OS Royalties @ 1/7/20 25,000 25,000 63,750 106,250 n/a Only available to partners & prices for the "corporate national" internal use version
Gross prices @ 1/7/20 29,450 29,450 75,000 125,000 n/a Competitive prices offered e.g. Matrix with Polygons is priced at £2,500 per annum (unlimited internal use)
For price listing please contact 77m Ltd
Additional OS products Equivalent product Comments for comparison purposes
Building polygons Internal business use only and high price Matrix - Building Unlimited use licence
Individual Floor space data Not available from the OS Matrix - Building Plus Unlimited use licence
Codepoint with Polygons Internal business use only and high price Matrix with Polygons Unlimited use licence
Cleansed Inspire polygons Not available from the OS Matrix Inspire Comprehensive GB version with modelled infill building polygons
4 million+ polygons suppressed to improve the dataset
Fully integrated with all products